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9 of the most expensive cities in the world

1. London
It’s the monthly transport costs of £131 and high rent that are causing city dwellers here to struggle
2. Oslo, Norway
A bottle of decent red table wine in Oslo costs more than 40BGN.
3. Geneva, Switzerland 
The average price of half a kg of chicken breast in Geneva is 22BGN, and 12 eggs cost an astonishing 11BGN.
4. Singapore
A new Volkswagen Golf 2.0 TDI 140 CV 6 vel. here is an incredible £78,806: in Santo Domingo, for example, the price is 86 per cent lower.
5. Copenhagen, Denmark
Two liters of Coca-Cola costs more than 7BGN there.
6. Hong Kong
Where average rent is a staggering 7000BGN.
7. Stockholm, Sweden
A cocktail in Stockholm can cost you 25BGN
8. Tokyo, Japan
The average rent here is 4200BGN, and a pair of cinema tickets costs upwards of 50BGN.
9. Sydney, Australia
A pack of Marlboro cigarettes costs 25BGN in Sydney, so not the best place for a smoker.

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