title=Shemshi bay tower near Veliko Tarnovo/Shemshi bay tower near Veliko Tarnovo/ Shemshi bay tower near Veliko Tarnovo

Shemshi bay tower near Veliko Tarnovo

There is a scared legend about the ancient tower of Shemshi bey in the village of Ledenik, picturesquely located on the rocky hill called Miasala, juts out in Yantra river. According to this legend the only son of the bey fell in love in Bulgarian girl, named Neda. Her parents were worried about her destiny, and asked for advice the local medicine – woman – Mina. She gave herbs to the girl, and she fell asleep, so deep, as she was dead. The bey’s son could not believe it, and went into her house. When he saw his beloved in a coffin, he shot himself in the heart. When the bey heard about the accident, he went in the house of the girl. The girl’s parents expect revenge – but their master did not hurt them. He even gave money for the girl’s funeral. Late in the evening the girl woke up. She and her brother went to Tarnovo. But on the way out of the village, a local man saw them. This was the reason for the rumour, that the girl was resurrected. When the bey heard it, he did not believe to the story and ordered to dig Neda’s grave. There were stones in her coffin. The lie was discovered and the girl’s parents were slaughtered. When the brother of the girl knew about this, he decided to take revenged, but the bey escaped in Tarnovo. He was the last bey who inhabited the building. Since this moment it was called “Kulata” (The Tower).
The building was erected in 1650, by the bey. He inherited the land and decided to build a magnificent palace. Till nowadays, there is a legend that tells about the luxury of the bey’s house.

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