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Office in the wood - co-working space

office in the wood
Have you wished for your office to be transferred in the woods? And have you wished in the lunch break to go and pick herbs, or do a downhill with a mountain bike or maybe shoot with cone pipes?
Office in the woods @ Chepelare is the place where people can relax while working…  The change of scene, the mountain air, good food, sports and tourist activities and new friends that you’ll meet will make you more calm, more productive and more creative. The participants are together most of the time (work, eat and play together). The Internet there is great (cable and wifi), and if the weather is good you can work outdoors. All that embodies the concept of co-workation: co-working + co-living + vacation (shared office, shared place to live and vacation).
Office in the Woods was born, combining the efforts of three enthusiasts - Tsvetelin Andreev, Stanislav Vangelov and his wife - Polina Stoyanova (the two met a year ago, thanks to a mutual friend of Plovdiv hacker space).
The office building is located at 1150 m altitude, 5 minutes from the center of Chepelare, 1.4 kilometers from the lower lift station Chepelare Mechi Chal.
Office in the woods Chepelare is suitable for anyone who loves the occasional recharging in the mountains and at the same time does not want to abandon their current work projects. For professionals who find inspiration with their family, friends and colleagues in the woods. For freelancers, small businesses and digital StartUps, entrepreneurs and digital nomads, "home office" corporate employees, whole corporate departments and people whose work allows them to be physically absent from the office for a few days, working from wherever they want.
And in the free time…
… everyone can do sports, visit attractions, learn and experience Rhodope food recipes, practice yoga enroll in a pottery or photography workshops, have a go in the alpine trolley, ride a horse, do some skiing and snowboarding and so on.
Office in the Woods Chepelare has two locations - the first office building is in the town of Chepelare with separate rooms for work for 60 people, relaxation zone, a cafe and a hall for events and conferences for another 100 people. The building is in a good location - 2 min. walk from the bus station, 5 min. walk from the center and 15 min. walk from the farthest point of the city. The unique thing is that the same building offers accommodation, so all the laptop guys can really live, work and relax together. So one can actually feel like being in a campus.
The second location is in Mechi Chal Villa - 1830 m. above the town of Chepelare at the Mechi Chal peak and directly at the ski slope. The villa can accommodate 22 people and the workspace allows delineating of several working areas for twenty-thirty people. If you want to relax you can take a nap in the hammock garden in the villa or take a walk to the 100+ years old spruce tree – Chepelarski uynatsi. You can also train outdoors or visit the sauna. This place is very refreshing and great for work because of its high altitude, the proximity to the nature and all the opportunities for sports in the summer and in the winter.
There are many different co-working and co-living mode (for people who work and travel together) in the world. The most popular are in Bali, Indonesia, Spain and Portugal for the summer, and Austria for the winter. Digital nomads have adopted this way of life - working from different locations while traveling alone or with their families.

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