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Hankrumovski rock monastery


In the area of the Shumen’s plateau there is a whole complex of medieval monasteries, which were once inhabited by monks.

The historians think that those monasteries were founded in the period of 12-14th century in parallel to the rise of the hesychastic movement in medieval Bulgaria. The monasteries were built in soft limestone rocks, which were easier to shape. However, these rocks are susceptible to the forces of nature. That’s why there are almost no traces of frescoes in these monasteries.

The “Hankrumovski” monastery is one of the best preserved rock monasteries in the area. The monks used a natural cave when building the monastery.  The monastery is composed of three rooms, one of them is a church with an altar. Next to the church there is a living room for the monks.

You can reach the monastery through a narrow staircase carved in the rock.  


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