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5 summer ideas for active families

Now that you have kids, your idea of a fun, summer vacation has probably changed. No more party weekends at the beach, with your best friends, no more cocktails and no more staying late. nstead, many parents want a destination that will keep the kids active and engaged. The best kind of summer fun for a health-conscious family involves a balanced combination of outdoor activity and exercise. Here are our 5 ideas for summer activities for the whole family.
There is no way we can start this without mentioning the good old camping. It is a great activity for the whole family, which may give your kids some of their best memories. Besides that you can go and conquer a peak, sail a boat, ride bicycles, and the list of activities to keep you busy goes on and on.
Visit a town that you’ve never visited before
There are many Bulgarian cities that can offer unique history and interesting places to visit. But even if you decide to visit any city in a neighboring country, your children will still be happy with the change in the situation. You can enhance the interest of your children by showing them some pictures or a video of the place you’re going to visit.
Prepare your dinner with the kids
A great way to engage children with chores from youngest age. make cooking an interesting activity involving everyone. It would be even better if you can go out to a local farm or your village and pick the vegetables that you are going to use by yourself.
Active vacation in a hotel
More and more hotels offer physical activities for the whole family such as hiking, horseback riding, jeep safari, hike shooting of plants and animals, surfing and more.
Seek adventure locally
Look for fun summer activities to do with your kids that are local to your area. If you live near the beach, take a stroll along the shore and see who can find the most unique seashell. Have only a few hours? Grab the kids and take a bike ride to get tacos or ice cream.
And don’t forget that vacation is a state of mind, and any summer fun that can temporarily put you in it is good for the whole family.

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