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Kavarna - the rock capital of Bulgaria

Kavarna - the rock capital of Bulgaria
For some people, Kavarna is just a quiet town on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast where they can enjoy a pleasant walk away from the noise and the crowd of tourists. But, of course, be careful not to hit the famous Kavarna Rock Fest!
Annual Kavarna Rock Fest became a favorite event for fans of rock and metal. Each year the city invites various groups and fills with fans from Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece and etc. Funny how so small town gatheres so many people!
We liked the graffiti with famous rock artists on some of the buildings in the rock capital of Bulgaria. But unfortunately we could not shoot them to show them to you, but can you show us your photos :)
This year Kavarna Rock Fest is going to welcome again thousands of fans of heavy music. Twisted Sisters, which started the event in the far 2006, and Within Temptation, with charming Sharon den Allen, Kamelot and Hammerfall are just some of the groups that will entertain their fans at the 10th anniversary of the event!
If you are visiting Kavarna, be sure to spend some time on the cape and visit the museum with archaeological exhibits. Perhaps you will hear the legend of the 40 Bulgarian girls who jumped together in the sea to escape the turkish enslavers. 



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