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Velingrad- the SPA capital of the Balkans













Velingrad is named after the partizan Vela Peneva. It's said that is one of the cloudless towns in Bulgaria. But not the clear sky makes it so attractive for tourists.

Pleasant climate, mineral water and amazing nature are some of the reasons for people to come back every year. Here you can find a great number of modern and luxurious SPA centers and hotels. That's why Velingrad is called the SPA capital of the Balkans.

What else, exept mineral water and Spa centers, you can enjoy in and near Velingrad:

  • Kleptuza - a very misterious and romantic place. It's preffered by couples. Here you can have a walk, take some photos, relax, or you can ride a water wheel.


  • Historical Museum - here you can find: Archaeology, Revival, Ethnography, New and Contemporary History and Art departments. More than 19,000 artifacts, items from the old life, icons, books, personal belongings and archives of celebrities, photos and documents are stored and examined here.
  • "Tzepina" fortress - one of the most famous fortesses in Rhodope mountains. It's situated in village of Dorkovo, which is 18 km far from Velingrad.

  • Pliocene park "Dorkovo" - if you have decided to visit "Tzepina fortess", you can also visit the unique pliocene park, where you'll be send 5 milions of years back in time.


  • Batak and the cave "Snow White" - if you have more time to spend around, you may want to visit the church and the museum in batak and the cave "Snow White", named after the fairytale character, because of the formations which remind of her.

Probably many places may be of interest to you (nearby are also lake Batak and Dospat, which are very beautiful), but all depends on the time you have available and how you want to spend it. So feel free to plan your vacation. Be spontaneous and full of energy!


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