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Bulgaria for adrenalin lovers

Bulgaria for adrenalin lovers

Nowadays extreme sports and tourism are part of our everyday life. There are a lot of adrenalin lovers among young people, who are looking for the strongest emotion...

Here's what we think extreme and adventurous:

1. Kayaking - on rivers, lakes, sea

In Bulgaria there are many places where kayaking is offered, so you should only choose the range of extremeness - fast on rivers and slower in lakes and sea.

You can try kayaking on the mentioned rivers: Tundza, Veleka, Maritsa, Dunav, Kamchia, Yantra and dams: Batak, Dospat, Zhrebchevo, Studen Kladenetz, Beglik and many others.


2. Rafting

The most propriate time for rafting is when snow starts to melt and rivers become wild. So with the coming spring, if you've decided to go rafting, don't forget to call and ask for more information.

You can try rafting on rivers Struma, Arda, Mesta, Veleka.... and others


3. Climbing/ Alpinism

If you've never tried climbing, maybe you should think about it. Of course you need to learn some techinques, but we promise you'll love it!.

There are a way to many place to climb. Here you can find a full list 


4. Bungee jump

Bungee jumps are very popular. If yoiu're afraid to do it yourself, now you can jump with a friend (couples prefer it)

Places where you can try bungee are: cave Prohodna, Klisura, Vitinia, Asparuhov bridge and othrers

5. Pendulum jump 

This is a jump which gathers both bungee jump and swaying in alpinism in one. You can try it in Prohodna cave and Devetashka cave

Photo: Outdoor Bulgaria


6. Parachute / Paraplaner jump

These jumps are very popular and even people afraid of heights like them.

There are many places to do such jumps. Some of them are; Sopot, Vitosha, Ihtiman, Karandila.


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