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Sliven - the city of the hundred warriors

Sliven - the city of the hundred warriors












Although it's not the 3rd of March anymore, we're still on a patriotic wave.

That's why we want to remind you of Sliven - the city of the hundred warriors for freedom. The most popular are the names of Hadzi Dimitar, Panayot Hitov, Zlati Voivoda, Indze and many others. Indze is the main character in one of the great novels of Yourdan Youvkov, inspired by the real person.

And now, being here at that special place, we feel like a hundred men are watching over the city and people of Sliven.

Karandila and Sliven in the foot
The place Karandila is part of the Nature park "Blue rocks"  - emblematic for Sliven and preffered by its citizens. The name of Karandila maybe comes from the turkish word "kara" which means " black", because used as shelter in " black days". That's when people tried to run from plague by the time of slavery. They went to that place, which is isolated and has its own water springs.

Rock phenomenon "The ring" in nature park "Blue rocks"
The park is on of the four regions, part of a huge project to reinstate the griffon vulture (Gyps fulvus) in Bulgaria

The lake of Karandila/ photo: Panoramio
You can go to Karandila walking on Haidushka path or by the lift.

Paraflying from Karandila/ photo: Fly Academy
People used to captivate mountain tops and high hills walking days, weeks and even months. Now we just fly over them :)
Peak Bulgarka - 1181 м./ photo: user http://photo-forum.net
The highest peak in the east part of Stara planina
The house - museum of Hadzi Dimitar
One of the most famous tourist places in Sliven

The house - museum of Dobri Chintulov - a poet, composer and teacher

Вятър ечи, Балкан стене,
сам юнак на коня
с тръба зове свойте братя:
всички на оръжие!

... there's so much more to say about Sliven, but better visit it yourself :)


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