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Quiz: Are you a traveller or a tourist?

Quiz: Are you a traveller or a tourist?
We at Fixstay.com think that people can be divided in two basic groups: travelers and tourists. If you want to know which on of these are you, answer these questions: 
1. When you are on a trip it's best if everything is as planned?
а) Yes, i do
б) No, i don't mind changes or I don't like making plans
2. You like to travel:
а) When everything is well organised by a travel agency
б) ...with the flow - you're OK with whatever comes on the road :)
3.  Perfect vacation is:
а) 5-star luxury hotel, SPA, massages, great food...
б) Sleeping under the stars
4. Imagine you're in Paris and have a great view to the Eifel Tower. You:
а) Ask someone to take a picture or Make a selfie
б) Watch it for a while and then get the moment with your camera
5. After you're back from a trip, you:
а) Organize your photos and publish them in Facebook
б) Start planning the next trip
6. When you think of where the next destination must be
а) You want to go as distant as possible from where you live and as different from your lifestyle as possible
б) It doesn't matter how distant or different the next destination is.
Gilbert K. Chesterton says: "The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see."
Here are the results:
If you have answered with "a" to most of the questions, means you're a great tourist.
If you have more "b"-s - congratulations! You're a true traveler! 
*This test is made for amusement and the results of it are not scientifically proved. 

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