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Shumensko plato and surroundings

Shumensko plato and surroundings
Have you ever been in Shumen?! If not, this is the time you should consider a smal trip in Shumensko plato and its surroundings. Why? Well, you'll be suprised how extraordinary nature in this place is. Feel the pride of the first bulgarian khans.
Here are some places you may want to visit:
1. Nature park "Shumensko plato"
- Bukaka 
- пThe cave "Biserna" - the longest and the prettiest of the caves in Shumensko plato
2. Shumen Fortess -this place is known to people for more than 3000 years
3. The memorial monument "Founders of the bulgarian country" - it's made for the 1300th anniversary of the forming of the first bulgarian country. You can get to it easy by car, but those of you who like walking can climb1300 stairs, starting from the city center, in front of the Dramatic Theatre" Vasil Drumev" .
4. The rock monasteries in Osmar
5. Pliska - the first bulgarian capital. 
6. Madara and Madara Horseman
(If you've decided to see the Madara Horseman, you should hurry :) )
7. Veliki Preslav 



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